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Will And Trust Law in Mid Missouri

Turn to the Experienced Will and Trust Law Lawyers Ensure the safety of your legacy and the well-being of your children by coming to us for any questions you have or aid you need in regard to will and trust law.

Linneman Law Office, LLC provides clients throughout Mid Missouri, with the help they need drafting airtight documents to either protect your assets while you still live or address their division when you pass. Contact us today to begin the process of drafting your will or trust with the help of a professional.

Put Your Wishes in Writing

Why Are Wills so Important?

Many people do not address the issue of drafting a will before they pass. This legal document is essential, however, for addressing important concerns and ensuring your wishes are carried out to the letter when you die. Our team of will lawyers is here to help make things easier on your family after you leave. Call today to learn about how wills address the following issues:

  • Equitable Distribution of Assets

  • Guardianship of Any Minors in Your Care

  • Giving to Charity

  • Property Division

The lawyer you partner with from our firm guides you through every step of the process when drafting a will. We know exactly what language to use and what topics to cover when examining your estate. Contact us to set up a consultation today.

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